What Has the Year 2017 Gotten in Store for Big Data?

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2016 was almost a breakthrough year for the field of Big Data Science. From the concept of Artificial Intelligence being just an imaginative theory in movies, to its real use in understanding customers; from predictive analytics, being able to provide exactly what the customers are looking for, to employee enhancements technologies in HR, disease tracking interactive maps in the field of medicine to the various futuristic, interactive microwaves, T.Vs and refrigerators and so on. 2016 as a year has been a great one, barring a few minor debacles in terms of the functioning of big data.
As the new year has been ushered in, everyone’s in the I.T sector is waiting with bated breath of what new changes, will the new year of 2017, bring into the field of data science.

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One thing that is a definite prediction in terms of big data, is the fact that it will soon be entering into the mainstream of IT and technology. This is owing hugely to the popularity of Hadoop and Spark among the various other data analytics tools. There is sure to be a rise in the number of firms and companies, which would entirely rely on the various functions of Hadoop and SAS, to help them in sorting the data.
We have only touched the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to all the data analytics tools in the market. For instance, SAS programming, was one software which was the default software used by a number of companies, across industries for everything apart from Data Analytics. While in the earlier scenarios, the use of cloud was to serve the purpose of storage, but today and the future trends point out to the fact, that there will be a number of companies which will start making the use of cloud for not only data storage, but also for data processing.
Now that the whole world is very well adjusted to the introduction of big data technologies, the rate at which it will be adopted, is definitely going to multiply.
There is a prediction that Big Data is bound to grow at a rate of 11.3 percent annually. There will be a great rise in the investments, which will basically be able to ensure the fast speed of data solutions, as people now don’t just want data, they are looking for fast data.
Predictive Analytics is bound to be the next big thing in terms of the various technologies, as these would be able to perfectly target the needs of the customers and provide perfect recommendations.
In terms of a career, Big Data Science is bound to increase in popularity and would be ever more so rewarding for almost all the data aspirants.

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