The Importance of Training And Development In The Workplace

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A company is run by people, and it is human nature to learn, grow and enhance their skill set. Many companies don’t invest in workplace training as they feel it leads to delays in project completion and is an unnecessary expense.

On the contrary, training is a tool that will help an organization to tap into the dormant skills of an employee. With the help of training, an organization can capitalize on skills by identifying the core strengths of the individuals and accordingly assign them responsibilities.

If you’re wondering why one should attend training sessions in the workplace, then read ahead:

Hone soft skills:

According to a study, when it comes to success at the workplace, 87% of soft skills matter and only 13% of technical skills. The rationale supporting these figures is that a person can learn technical skills, but if their attitude is not up to the mark or they lack confidence, it won’t take them far in their career.

Training helps in identifying the soft skills as well as the flaws that need polishing or nipping in the bud. Through training, an employee can develop soft skills, sharpen their personality and transform themselves into dynamic individuals.

Improve morale:

Doing repetitive tasks, managing erratic deadlines and hitting unrealistic targets can drain an employee’s energy and will to work. Robotic life and stress can lead to a nervous breakdown and if they are not given a satisfying bonus or promotion, that becomes the final nail in the coffin. From there, the employee either starts looking for better options or their quality of work deteriorates.

All this can be avoided with proper training. Man is a social animal and needs a sense of belongingness, a purpose and the zeal to progress. By attending training, they get an opportunity to discuss their problems and reach a mutually beneficial solution with their peers.

Lead employee development:

Every employee joins an organization with a particular skill set, but with time, he needs to expand his skills and capabilities. A limited reservoir of knowledge or abilities will lead to stagnancy in a competitive corporate environment. Nowadays, there are various technical skill development and leadership training plans that help employees expand their horizons and add more feathers to their hat.

Organizations look for internal employees to step up and take senior management positions in their company. If any employee wants to be on the top of the ladder, then it is of utmost importance to develop professionally, so that management can see personal growth and entrust with them the responsibility of organizational growth.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness:

A perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness is a goal every employee should achieve. It often happens that if an employee is productive, i.e. delivers the assigned tasks before the deadlines, they may lack efficiency, i.e. quality is compromised or vice-versa.

Management looks for employees who can create an ideal efficiency and effectiveness balance. Such employees become the gems of the company and people the management can rely on. Interactive training sessions will help the employees to achieve that balance by opting for smart and effective techniques.

Retain employees:

If the employee retention rate of an organization is low, it’s as good as alarm bells ringing. It means that existing employees are not happy with the current management, policies, or work, which makes them quit. A hard-working employee is an asset to the company, so it is essential to retain them.

Training helps employees interact with and share their concerns with the human resource department. It will help the employees to see the bigger picture and come with a beneficial solution that keeps them involved in the neck of things and retain them in the long run.

To conclude, training and development programs are not just for the benefit of an employee, but also the company. It is a two-way process that results in mutual growth and success. 

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