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Meet the faculty- Austin Dsouza

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Imarticus has grown furiously in the last year and our faculty numbers are growing. So we decided to get to know some of our trainers and are starting off with Austin.
Meet Austin Dsouza!
Austin currently focuses on different financial products related to investment banking operations along with their trade life cycle. He has an MBA in finance from NL Dalmia Institute of Management studies and research and has more than nine years of experience in the financial sector.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? For instance have you always been interested in teaching?

Teaching for me has been a passion since my college days. Sharing my knowledge with my friends and understanding things from others had always been a source of joy for me.
Since I joined Imarticus my greatest satisfaction and achievement was when students used to take my blessings and even thank me for the knowledge that I had drilled into them. This love has helped me find my  passion and has further strengthened my desire to teach, teach,teach and teach for as long as I can.
I believe a good teacher not only grooms the personality of a student but also moulds his/her’s  direction in life.

2)      Can you take us through the teaching methodology of the CIBIT course?

It’s not a simple task but a challenge to train candidate from a non finance background. A trainer focuses more than just the class sessions in Imarticus. We ensure that each and every candidate , regardless of which stream them come from, is trained in basic Banking concepts as well technical concepts so that he can be judged on both is technical and his finance domain knowledge. We also prepare them for life by improving their EI (Emotional Intelligence).  Read the post here.  We do that through multiple soft skill sessions that focus on communication, both written and verbal, as well as team work, time management and ways to become more efficient.

3)      People talk about coding and technology to be an art almost as much as science. What is your take on that?

According to me both art and science are terms which are interconnected to one another. Art is a process of designing new technology and when that technology is put to use its often referred to as science. The technical team designs and creates new applications in case of financial products that are traded in the market, which in turn is a new invention for the operation team.
According to me coding and technology is both art as well as science.

4)      What is it that you love about teaching? Your favorite aspect of what you do?

When you train someone you not only enhance the other persons knowledge but also enhance your knowledge every time you teach. It grooms your  learning personality , thus innovation aspires me to teach new things. The progress of my students and their enthusiasm when they learn something new, along with the happiness on their faces when you praise and encourage them is what I really love to see. This not only helps me to grow but also puts my organization one step ahead of competition.

5)      What is your advice to someone who is trying to make up their mind about getting into Investment Banking Technology as a career?

Information Technology  is the most important tool each business area has and efficient use of technology is what helps an organisation to compete with others.  Investment banks work across global financial markets and conduct millions of transactions every day. Technology is fundamental to every area of business from trading, sales, risk management, operations etc.
Technologists helps to solve intellectually stimulating problems that require a good understanding of how products are traded or how a particular area of business works. In most roles technologists work closely with the end user and see clearly the positive impact they make on another colleague’s work environment.
Investment banking technology is a great platform to begin a career as we get to learn a lot of things which most students have only perviously heard of.

6)      How do you relax?

I relax by spending quality time with my family and friends.

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