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How is big data analytics used for stock market trading?

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How is big data analytics used for stock market trading?
Big Data Analytics is the winning ticket to compete against the giants in the stock market. Data Analytics as a career is highly rewarding monetarily with most industries in the market adopting big data to redefine their strategies. The online stock market trading is certainly one area in the finance domain that uses analytical strategies for competitive advantage.
Organizations and corporates are using analytics and data to get insights into the market trends to make decisions that will have a better impact on their business. The organization involved in healthcare, financial services, technology, and marketing are now increasingly using big data for a lot of their key projects.
The financial services industry has adopted big data analytics in a wide manner and it has helped online traders to make great investment decisions that would generate consistent returns. With rapid changes in the stock market, investors have access to a lot of data. Big data also lets investors use the data with complex mathematical formula along with algorithmic trading. In the past, decisions were made on the basis of information on market trends and calculated risks. Computers are now used to feed in a large amount of data which play a significant role in making online trading decisions. 
The online trading landscape is making changes and seeing the use of increased use of algorithms and machine learning to compute big data to make decisions and speculation about the stock market. Big Data influences online trading in 3 primary ways:

  1. Levels the playing field to stabilize online trade

Algorithmic trading is the current trend in the financial world and machine learning helps computers to analyze with rapid speed. The real-time picture that big data analytics provides gives the potential to improve investment opportunities for individuals and trading firms.

  1. Estimation of outcomes and returns

Access to big data helps to mitigate probable risks on online trading and making precise predictions. Financial analytics helps to tie up principles that affect trends, pricing and price behavior.

  1. Improves machine learning and deliver accurate predictions

Big data can be used in combination with machine learning and this helps in making a decision based on logic than estimates and guesses.  The data can be reviewed and applications can be developed to update information on a regular basis for making accurate predictions.
In a nutshell, large financial firms to small-time investors can leverage big data to make positive changes to their investment decisions. Information is bought to the fingertips in an accessible format to execute trading decisions.  If you are a trader you will definitely benefit from a Big Data Analytics course to help you increase your chances of making decisions. It is highly beneficial for those involved in quant trading as it can be used extensively to identify patterns, trends and predict the outcome of events. Volume, Velocity, and Variety is the nucleus of Big Data which helps financial organizations and traders to cull out information for trading decisions.