Certified Investment Banking Information Technology Professional (CIBIT)

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Are you a technology student who is looking for a challenging career in Investment Banking?
Read more to understand how you can be a part of this lucrative industry.
Understanding the vital need for technology in the financial services industry, we have created CIBIT in conjunction with industry experts to ensure a syllabus that is relevant, timely and interesting. Through this program, we want to groom students with an in depth knowledge of “advanced” application development skills that helps you understand the world of IT in investment banking with extensive product knowledge.
Our CIBIT (Certified Investment Banking Information Technology Professional) is especially designed for technology aspirants who are looking forward to building a career in Investment Banking.
This program will also have a whole host of guest lecturers that will provide students’ ample opportunities to interact with experienced senior professionals. You can ask questions, clarify doubts and get a glimpse into the career path you are embarking on.
We offer the industry endorsed CIBIT certification and the optional CISI Certification from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments under the Royal UK charter for ‘IT in Investment Operations’. These well-recognized certifications will equip you for a worthwhile career within Investment Banking.
With the use of 6 real-life case studies, you will gain product knowledge and will get a practical experience of a full lifecycle of an IT project – from problem solving to solution delivery. In addition to this, you will also be able to experience live projects. We believe that live project experience plays a very important role to groom you to enter the competitive world of Investment Banking.
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