Can the Big Data Dilemma be solved by AI?

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All thanks to the numerous creatively advanced TV shows and movies, exploring the greatness of Artificial Intelligence, we know one thing for sure: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing. But, do we really know how big or what is AI capable of bringing with it, especially in a futuristic data driven society?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to statistics, the previous four years have been a witness from about 160 AI start-up deals to about 658 deals in the year 2016. Artificial Intelligence is already making its presence felt through companies, using it for everything from all the self-driving cars, to morality training and all those smart appliances.
While these applications make up for being the more exciting ones, there is one other application of AI that could potentially have great changes in the business world. It is well known as the account based intelligence. This concept is a modern retake on the age-old dream of the field of marketing, where one to one interactions can possibly take place. Many executives in this field although believe otherwise, citing reasons like they could not possibly do it back in those days and hence there is no chance they would be able to do it in the present times. But all that uncertainty can finally be put to rest with the developments in AI.

What is this Data Dilemma?

This is connected to the possibility of one-to-one sales and marketing, which is a possibility today because of the rapid generation of Data. Let’s talk facts, today we generate 6,000 tweets, 40,000 Google queries, 2 million emails and all of this is per second. It is believed that by the year 2019, we will be reaching global web traffic, which will surpass 2 zettabytes, annually. A zettabytes, in simpler terms, is equal to a billion terabytes.
With so much data being generated and at such speed, many companies are facing the big challenge of how they’d be able to make those profitable insights? As we are still at the primary stage, the World Wide Web is too massive and disorganized for us to know what is out there, exactly. While there may not be a proper answer today, but tomorrow assures for an answer all thanks to AI. Computers in the past have struggled to be efficient enough to parse all the incoming data from social media, which is absolutely unstructured. But this seems to be changing soon as a result of the recent advances in cognitive computing and processing power of various companies.
Artificial Intelligence, in a nutshell, is absolutely nothing short of amazing, especially in today’s world. With its help, it is possible to find data that one never could, find out the meaning with great accuracy and providing directions towards your next best customers. One of the best things is the fact that we are just getting started.

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