6 Books About Investment Banking You Should Read

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The field of Investment banking is highly specialized. In this domain, the financial entities are called as investment banks that financially support the public and private corporations issue equity and deal with the debt securities. Investment banking also helps in facilitating corporate restructuring, along with mergers and acquisitions are commonly known as M&A and thus carry out a wide range of complex transactions.
If you are looking for the top books written on this subject, you have landed at the right place. Let’s check the top 6 Books About Investment Banking You Should Read as under:
1). Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers And Acquisitions -By Joshua Rosenbaum & Joshua Pearl
This book is a complete Investment banking book, which brings all the technical concepts accessible to the readers. The authors have used a simple step-by-step method to explain the concepts of investment banking which include the study of the viability of a corporate sale, buyouts, and M&As.
While explaining the concepts of investment banking and corporate finance, this book gives a stable foundation to the readers to get a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing ideas methods and procedures found in the investment banking field.
2). The Business Of Venture Capital – By Mahendra Ramsinghani
It is a complete book for people who are into venture capital business. This book caters to people who are keen on exploring the meticulous art of boosting up the venture funds, value creation, structuring investments and studying exit pathways.
This book helps people practicing in this area as they get the details of everything including sourcing investment options and carrying out the due diligence for negotiating various investments. It is the best companion to people who are into venture capital business and help you in getting detailed views about the leaders in this world on this subject.
3). Investment Banking For Dummies – By Matthew Krantz & Robert Johnson
This book is an excellent work in the investment banking field, which has simple to understand approach when the authors have described the basic banking concepts and their day to day application in this real world. It starts with the investment banking and its standing in the current market along with its role in M&As, critical corporate decisions, and buyouts.
The authors have explained the role of investment bankers along with the way they work to make things happen. The book’s core focus is to develop a decent understanding of the main banking concepts and their practical implications like issuance of bonds & stocks, valuation of companies and developing a financial model that make things work.
4). Financial Modeling & Valuation: A Practical Guide To Investment Banking And Private Equity – By Paul Pignataro
It’s a complete guide for doing precise stock valuations seeking the help of financial modeling. The authors have explained these concepts seeking complete length and practical illustration overvaluation of the Wal-Mart with the help of financial modeling. It helps in developing a good skill of developing a good financial model for stock valuation. It also talks about the conventional valuation methods carried out by professionals.
5) Investment Banking Explained: An Insider’s Guide To The Industry- By Michael Fleuriet
This book gives insight into the investment banking operations industry and discusses in detail about the way things work in this domain in perspective of a veteran. It starts with the basics like key industry terms, strategies, and structures. The authors in the book have explained the broader concepts of this field like changing the perspective of the risk, leading firms and methods of managing the same.
It talks about the role of professionals like traders, financial brokers, fund managers and relationship manager, and others. You will get an insight into the investment banking along with giving relevance information.
6). Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, And Private Equity -by David Stowell 
The book has unleashed the complex relationship between investment banks and private equity and hedge funds. It also discusses the way the financial companies seeking the help of innovative business strategies sustained during the global meltdown of 2007 and 2008. It also addressed the impact over the financial companies and the way these have attracted the investor funds and strengthen their corporate power.
For the professionals working in the field of investment banking or the people who are keen on making their career in this field, they can find a wealth of literature on investment banking with these six books on this subject.